Naugsol Integrated School is an educational institution situated in Purok 1, Barangay Naugsol Subic, Zambales. The school functions as an integrated school, offering complete elementary grades, including a kindergarten level, as well as secondary education from grades 7 to grade 12. It is conveniently located in close proximity to a river.The school is positioned approximately 11 kilometers away from both the district office and the poblaciĆ³n area. However, reaching the division office requires a longer journey of around 80 kilometers. As a result, Naugsol Integrated School is recognized as one of the remote schools within the municipality of Subic. Within the area, tricycles and motorcycles serve as the primary modes of transportation for commuting. The Naugsol Integrated School traces its roots back to its establishment in 1968. During its early years, the school solely offered grade levels from grade 1 to grade 4, which were all managed by a single teacher. In the year 1994, the school expanded its offerings to include grade 5 and grade 6. This expansion necessitated the employment of three teachers to accommodate the growing student population. Additionally, the land on which the school was built was generously donated by Pedro Mayo, contributing to the school’s development. Significant progress was made in 2013 when the Naugsol Integrated School achieved the status of a full-fledged institution. It now encompasses all grade levels, from elementary to secondary education. With this expansion, the school was able to hire seven teachers to cater to the diverse academic needs of the students. Furthermore, the construction of a new building was made possible through the generous donation of the Wata family, further enhancing the school’s facilities. At present, the Naugsol Integrated School boasts a team of 29 dedicated teachers, diligently guiding the students in their educational journey. Leading the institution is Principal Dr. John M. Abordo, who plays a crucial role in overseeing the school’s operations and fostering a conducive learning environment.